Friday, 6 January 2012

Norton Model 7 Dominator


  1. G'day Steve, great to see your blog has kicked off. Nice pic of the Domi.

    Ride safe.

  2. Thanks Jules , I will pull this shot out later and return it as the resto unfolds , but with so little up just now, it can stay for a week or two SK

  3. Hello Steve,
    Greetings from across the Tasman and a warm welcome to the world of blogging! I grew up on Triumph twins but I love Nortons too. My mate Paul is a complete Norton enthusiast and you'd really get on together! He has a 750 Commando road bike, an 850 Commando racebike and an ES2 as a recent acquisition.

    Cheers and safe riding,


  4. Welcome Geoff ,and thanks for logging in ,I have been benefiting from other peoples blogs [including yours ]for some time and Jules has been encouraging me to set one up .I see it as an open diary and hope a few other people will find it interesting ,I wouldn't want people to take me too seriously if I seem a bit tender over oil leaks or refer to a Honda Goldwing as a Plastic Wing or a lead Wing you can presume I am joking .JP sent me some pics of Pauls ? bikes in a shed so I studied that 850 race bike pretty hard .I had a 1953 ES2 swing arm model and sold it to fund raise for a K2 Honda back in 1973 but I now have about 85% of a garden gate 1950 ES2 its a rolling chassis now and are searching for engine bits ,might even do some more on that one next
    Cheers Steve

  5. Hi, do you have model 7 plunger complete mudguard? Please email