Monday, 9 January 2012


Firstly as a new blog I feel I need to explain the title, my first choice was Kickstart ,this was taken ,I thought of

using Crankcase but then tried for 79x100 ,for those who haven't ever owned a Norton this is the bore and stroke of a number of Norton motors . These dimensions have been used on side valve overhead valve and overhead cam motors from back in the 20 s and well into the 50 s these numbers are synonymous with Nortons and are immediatly recognizable .
This blog is about motorcycles fixing them riding them watching them race ,its going to be about people too , motorcycle people ! I hope to do some stuff on individuals and their obsessions with the machines [ I know lots of them ] some stuff looking back on rides and stunts ,the heartbreak stories like stripping a gearbox four times before getting it right and there will be a big slant on restoration and mechanical stuff .I have received much encouragement from Jules [ tarsnakes ] to kickstart a blog and I committed to do some stuff in order to reciprocate with Colin DLR I feel like I am about to open up Pandora's box as I will need more time than I have got ,but what the hell here goes
So to start with ,the theme is Norton Dominator this will take some time to do justice to, the story starts around 1970 stalls for about 35 years and starts again I hope to carry the tale into the future by revisiting some of the places the bike has been and even to do it with the same mates and cousins that I rode with so many years ago, so I will post the earliest pic of this Domi here and take off from there .


  1. That's my AJS in the background there!

    1. It sure is ! This is the only old shot I have of the Domi I carried this pic in my wallet for a decade at least .