Sunday, 8 January 2012

The law is an ass

If the law is an ass ,what is technology ? I have been experimenting with the blog and have been trying to correct some spelling mistakes ,but at this stage I either don't know how to edit the last post or it's not possible ! ,I may never know and because you can't ask a computer a question ,I am left hanging .Rather than advance with the story I am keen to conquer the format and get the "gadgets " in place before I invest too much time in the posts , I am making progress, like Scott of the Antartic only not as fast .Oh and a touch of humour to close on , What is the difference between the sales pitch of a car sales person and the sales pitch of a computer sales person ? ...................................
The car sales person knows when they are telling a lie .
PS is there a spell check on the blog posts ?
pps KS and GL rubber arrived from UK this morning now 100% ready for registration
ppps might I suggest technology is a Flea


  1. Hey Steve, you've made great progress in only two days - like most things it's an exercise in problem solving and practice & repetition. the frustration comes because there are lots of different ways to get to the same end point in most things involving computers!

    As for editing; log in --> dashboard --> edit posts (probably underlined somewhere)--> you will see a list of posts, pick the one you want and click 'edit' make the changes and press 'publish'.

    Alternatively, log on and you will see a pencil has appeared at the end of each post (it's small-you will have to look for it) --> click on the pencil, the dialogue box opens with you post in it so make the edits and then press 'publish' and you are done.

    Cheers Jules.

  2. Thanks Jules ,
    I'll try the second method first ,had a muck around with the title and lost the big 79x100 but got the Inter carbi installed OK it's that mix of pleasure and pain thing , will post again tomorrow night , bit surprised to see 53 hits so far
    Cheers Steve

  3. Pretty good effort so far! Keep it up.

    1. Thanks Keith , Hope to tell a bit of a story and have lots of pics