Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Norton 1938 Model 18

Slowly but surely the restoration is comeing to an end , I have experimented with paint, transfers and pinstripes and now know that I can spray two pac over acrylic ,apply the transfers / stichers and then over coat the lot with a two pac clear , unfortunatly I have a bit to learn about masking , but I should get it right next time . The motor has now been bolted up after fitting a very good used big end bearing, three new main rollers a new small end bush new piston rings and gudgeon from JP in Adelaide , cylinder resleeved to standard bore . New valves , guides and springs from Norvil .I reseated the valves and made new spring retainers from 4140 all nuts studs screws and washers I re made in stainless with the exception of the head studs . The next job is to get some 2023 aluminium 10 mm tube or some 4140 and make the push rods , order a pipe from Feked in the UK and then I'm ready for a start ? fit a chain and I'm ready for a ride .

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