Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Deane Rotary Valve Prototype

While investigating the myriad of machinery at the last Lake Goldsmith Steam and Traction Engine Rally I came across a display and running prototype of the Deane Spherical Rotary Valve fitted to a pre war Norton 16 H bottom end and installed in a ES2 garden gate frame .
I have included a pic of a newspaper article that explains a few of the design features , inventors being inventive have experimented with valve gear for sometime , I believe one motorcycle maker produced a sleeve valve motor with a liner inside the bore which moved up and down by way of a cam to get the ports to coincide ,we see side valve ,overhead valve ,inlet over exhaust [harley and land rover] over head camshaft  , DOHC , triple OHC [7R 3A AJS ] desmodronic valves and in two stroke motors  we have piston valve and  disc valve assisted by reeds and other stuff .
In the case of four stroke motors the idea is to reduce reciprocating weight in the valve train, as when anything moves in one direction and then has to be reversed it must come to a stop, and to get it moving again requires the greater energy investment [ greatest rate of change ]. Reduction of reciprocating weight is the object of the designers and also simplification of the engine will help in lots of ways these principles apply to suspension components too.Interesting to consider the design of the Wankel rotary and a design by the Australian Ralph Sarich   
                                                      This motor has been in storage for  decades and been assembled into a frame so the general public can experience the creativity of the inventors , a quick look on google shows William Ronald Deane holds US patent 3730161       filed May 28    1971 . I seem to remember a rotary valve design fitted to another Norton shown in Roy Bacons book Norton Singles but this differs in that the Deane valve is a sphere fitted with rings that are pegged to prevent rotation and snap offs in the ports [ just like two strokes ]  I had a chat with the guys that did all the spanner work and they didn't think the motor produced any more power than the 16 H , it started first kick every time and sat and idled beautifully . The cylinder had been made from a compressor cylinder and the head is machined from solid, what kind of steel? I don't know , I think the text says the valve rotates at one quarter crank speed and the chain drive comes off the vestigial camshaft and th
e last reduction would be on the two sprockets .
All in all this is an amazing exhibit and drew a lot of attention from the more technical minded punters at the rally, the inventors also made a head to suit a small honda single but no one seems to know where its gone,  perhaps Harold Holt had it under his arm when he swam off to that Russian sub or will it turn up on a lawn mower one day ? better check your shed !
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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Swap Meet Buggies

On a previous post I wrote about the good old days [ before Insurance Company Liability ] when the talent and imagination of the Swap Meet Junkie could be displayed at the meeting by way of a motorised shopping trollie / esky on wheels . Who needs a buggie ? you say,  well ,if you find a set of tyres for that Morris Minor or even a bottom end for a Beeza, you are gunna need a buggie of some sort to get the treasure back to the carpark, and that might be a long haul . You could make a couple of trips back to the ute but think of all the rare bits that have been snapped up by dealers and sent overseas while you dither ferrying the gold to the car , you need a buggie to suit you own collecting style and volume , where to start ? Hell we're gunna do what all the bike manufactures did before the design stage , we'll take a good look at whats out there , pick the best points, trash the bad bits, produce an economical prototype and do the on ground testing . John 'O' Groats to Lands End and 50 laps of Brooklands .That should do the trick , now check out the sly pics I took while working under cover at the last Bendigo Swap Meeting around 17 th November so this stuff is state of the art, none of your old technology here . Click on the pics to blow them up

This was the only motorised cart I saw at Bendigo this year and the organisers would only have allowed it because the owner had one prosthetic leg . I can't remember the details of the prime mover but you can see the rear slicks and that the trailer is single axle , what a shame they banned these rigs as they contributed to the feel of the meeting so much .
This guy's in a hurry , basic format is a dragster  typerfied by large slicks at rear, narrow disc wheels on the front , curious transverse front suspension, T model Ford  style and using non stressed mild steel body [ this could lead to failure at extreme speed ] His treasure is a 1950's style radio and some other junk I can't make out .

The most common type of buggie [bag trollie BT ], this one with folding frame finished in red oxide primer [rarely seen these days ] and inflateable tyres ,its got that home made look to it .Note the tub is the type bought at K mart or others ,as in the past the Sherrif  has been patroling the swaps policing the theft of milk crates. I'd like a commission for every record collection that is stored in a milk crate

 This is a blast from the past , not a purpose made ,swap meet buggie {SWB] at all  but is in fact a trailer designed to attach to the carrier of a push bike .
Main construction packing case tray, pram wheels on pram axle and 1/2 inch GWIP drawbar / handle note tray is a stressed member , this unit would be hard work in the loose granitic sand that had been spread over much of the grounds .Looks like he's scored a second WW gerry can and is hiding more stuff under a briquette bag ...
wonder what it is ?

 Another variation of the BT with a different tray , stackable with slots mouled into the sides , perhaps pinched from a greengrocer or a fishmonger .This guy has hooked his backpack on the SWB and is towing rather than pushing, a risky practice as treasure could be borrowed and not returned 

The white paper rectangle displays the price $ 2500.00
 A Tardis [ T ] best way ever to get the parts home

Recycling at its best ,the tips are full of bike parts and these big wheels are just the ticket for soft sand and pot holes

Another BT based cart using a cherry barrel for the tub QD provided by baler twine ligatures and occa strap hold down . This unit is eco friendly [ EF ]and will contain oil spills from gearboxes bottom ends and primary drives .
The writing is on the wall and soon all SWB's will have to be certified as EF

BT  fitted with sturdy home made tray looks like seat height , interesting box, nine out of ten blokes would have the tray side boards horizontal rather than vertical .This is the only SWB that had a lid .

A veritable work of art.... rickshaw standing on rear end , this was parked and although I waited some time did not get a dynanic shot .Note push bike wheels and red and green trim this could indicate traditional Chinese colours or the with Christmas so close the colours of holly

Thinking laterally , double decker stock crate  four wheel unit ,small esky on the bottom in the shade all the junk up top .Lets not kid ourselves this is a laundry cart and would never take the weight of say a GoldWing side cover ,this bloke needs to go back to the shed and take a good look at himself

Note far left   Stolen Milk Crate  SMC  grey plastic property of Polar Milk Company

The low volume of this cart will limit this guy's shopping

This one reminds me of my tool box not sure if you would push this unit or pull it

There you have it ! now you are armed with the design variation and lots background, so get out in that shed get down to the tip" keep your eyes wide the chance won't come again " grab the bits and get welding, Ballarat Swap last weekend in February and don't think you'll get a SWB up and running before Christmas .I want to see more original Stuff out there here's some pearls for free.
Stop lights  Radio  Sunshades   number plates    EPIRB   suspension  brakes   

Next post    Deane rotary valve prototype fitted to a 16H bottom end and mounted in garden gate norton frame      this post will not be a joke

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Lake Goldsmith Steam Rally X 100

The Lake Goldsmith Steam Rally held it 100 th meeting on the weekend of the 4th and 5th of November 2012 .Lake Goldsmith is known more for its Steam Rally, than for its Lake [ usually dry ] its located in Central Victoria, approximately 10 kms South of Beauford and 50 kms West of Ballarat , the Society that run the Rally, stage two meetings per year the November one and again in May, I have a feeling that they have been timed to avoid the use of fires during  the height of the fire season , the area is usually pretty green in those months .Although the meeting is always referred to as a Rally it is staged at a permanent site and has been for about 50 years , the result of this and the nature of the machines means that a small town has grown upon the site . Members, I believe can rent a site ,build some manner of shed and install a large boiler in it, or they can park a travelling hut [ like a gypsy caravan ] live in it for the meetings and whenever they come to work on their machinery . I am led to believe that there are  always people camped in vans there working on the machines and keeping an eye on the stuff that is too big to lock away .
Its not all about steam, the show attracts vintage and veteran cars, trucks and motorcycles ,oil engines  ,military vehicles , earthworks machinery , models of every thing  boats, trains ,aircraft , real aircraft engines and lots more stuff I've forgotten . But the real attraction with this show is that its dynamic  , you would walk down a rutted gravel track and move to the left to alloy a working scale model traction engine to pass , on your left you could see a steam shovel operating a drag line just tip its load on a pile , lots of the sheds that have boilers run pipes out the back as an  exhaust that puff little steam clouds out in the lanes .Steam has an unusual smell with that hint of oil ,steam whistles blow all the time, you can hear the breaking down saw from a working saw mill and in the back ground some sort of fairground music machine ,as you approach the oil engine area the  pop  pop  pop of these engines grow louder and the other noises fade away . The highlight of the show is the grand parade, where everything on wheels does a lap of the oval and the crowd watch as a commentary is broadcast over the PA , its very impressive to see so many of these massive traction engines  gently moving over the ground .
I don't how many times I've been to the Lake, but I think the first time would have been in the late 1960's as my primary interest is motorcycles I wouldn't attend this event every year , but I can highly recommend this show to any one who likes machines , forgot to mention admission $ 15.00, free parking although this year I was in a 50 minute queue [ should have come in on the side road ] all in all I had a great day and caught up with lots of m/c people to top it off .   Here's the pics and some comment   click on the pics to blow them up

 Ex Shire road roller 
Working saw mill

 Steam drag line unloading

People go to great lengths to create the old world charm

Model radial engine just started , a work of art !

Indian , the motorcycle that is

Lovely twin port 500 Norton

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Weekend Ride to Broadford Classic Races

The Historic Motorcycle Racing Association of Victoria held the 31 st Southern Classic race on the weekend of 20 and 21 st of October at the State Motorcycle Complex , Broadford  Victoria  Australia .
This is a grass roots race meet which provides an entry point for those who love to ride and compete without needing a fortune behind you , you will however need a couple of mates a good toolkit and a bike trailer beside the obvious bike . The racers range from the slickest teams with immaculate bikes and gear to some of the roughest machines you have ever seen [one of which won its race ] being a classic meet ,almost all the riders were old enough to know better but shelved the common sense for the weekend , we did too .
It has become the habit of our rider group to attend this meeting as matter of great urgency , we all love the casual organisation of the meeting , for instance Jules picked up four free tickets at a hill climb two weeks earlier so it was free entry for us , parking is anywhere you like , food and drinks available ,camp on site , you can stand beside the starting line [two metres from the bikes ] and wander through the pits at will .I think the ticket are about ten dollars , program five they sell some quality shirts and stuff  and they have the club members on the counters giving a nice feel to the place .
The format for us getting up to Broadford is preceded by a series of text messages phone calls and even a conference call [ may need to take minutes next year ] eventually we decided I'd meet with Andy in Ballarat and both Commandos to meet with two ZX14 's at Ballan and all ride up together via Trentham , Woodend ,Lancefield , Kilmore , Broadford , and to the track . Perfect weather once we crossed the Great Divide and enjoyed mid twenties blue sky and had to use sunscreen . We move around and take a few pics always run into other blokes and have a brief catch up  and spend lots of time in the pits and of course watch the races
Late afternoon we jump back on the bikes and ride up the Hume Highway to our digs at Seymour ,a few beers a big steak [ 600 gms] a wander around the town and off to bed by midnight .
Sunday morning late rise and over to a small cafe for a big bacon and eggs breakfast and back home via a few new roads , one of which I liked very much , putting the question to the boys " why didn't we come up this way ?" they answered..... " we did " ..
The weekend went off well , I suppose the key ingredients are the company the weather the event , probably really is ,only the company , but I managed to plan the fuel stops better for the thirsty Commando with the 11 litre tank and we didn't have rain or even wet roads , just really want to do it all again .

Here's the pics , click on them to blow them up
Also see Tarsnakes report on
The starting line, I have a close up of the motor, number 29 the others are a Bultaco and a Indian twin , quite a lot of these racing some with four valve heads exposed rockers , like the early Rudges .
Nasty little right hander , always hated right handed bends, the line of punters in the background are at the starting line, the noise is deafening on take off clouds of blue smoke from the two strokes , and from some of the others too !


 7R  hybrid

Close up of motor, number 29  a rigid girder pre war  ES2 fitted in a cradle frame .I had a bit of a chat with the owner / rider and was surprised when he said that he is running a Rudge steel crank with a remade barrel to give the motor square diementions or close to .
Also note drain tubes from the valve wells ,34 mm Concentric carbi , and not shown third order lever to depress the clutch like a 20 s Ajay instead of the Norton spiral arrangement .I watched this bike race and was surpised how well it went , success is the sum of rider and bike .well done !

 Slick looking Yamaha
JP in foreground with Coke

Triumph ,this bike won in at least one race
What can I say that hasn't been said before some times the parking area is more interesting than the pits and more creative !

 Dual twin Triumph unit , didn't hear this run or see it race but would imagine it would have a bit of go .
 Note the left engine must have had its rotation reversed  with implications to the cams  ignition and the oil pump
JP entered into negotiations to swap his ZX14 for this unit but the owner wanted too much !
Just fancy how this would cut through to air like a knife with that aerodynamic chair .
 The only machine I have seen that rivals this is a R series BMW in the Birdwood Museum SA set up for touring
Nice emblem on the front guard, I must keep my eye out for something for the Commando
 Our riders , over the years the line up has included a 500 AJS, R75 BMW ,ZX9 , ZX10, CBR600 , VFR 800 and this line up in every case the change has been to a bigger engine .

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Norton Model 19 Restoration

Most blokes that have a collection of motorcycles will understand that the focus of interest can shift from one bike to another and back again over a period of time [ perhaps even years ] it seems to me that the reason for this could be attributed to a number of factors  .For instance the Cannonball Run in the US has had me thinking more about early flat tankers , when your resto has hit the wall and you need a grand of readies to tip into the project to move it up to the next  level , well the project will just have to slow down . Sometimes its parts that stop the progress and having to work for a living is a decided downer , with a date fixed for a weekend getaway to the classic races the focus needs to be on the rider bike to get it prepped up .Despite not completely finishing the Domi , my focus for the last six months has been a collection of parts I choose to call a 1938 model 19  Norton , I have been for some time now studying Roy Bacon's Norton singles book and have admired the classic lines of the pre war rigid framed girder forked Nortons and thought if the bits come my way I'll grab them and see where I end up . I started with a bottom end of a model 19  82x 113 and a tank which I think is off an es2 or a model 18 and started adding bits picked up a frame on e bay from Tassie [ thanks Steve ] a set of Indian made girders also from e bay , motor parts from Sydney, gearbox case from WA  various bits from mates locally and hours on the lathe making nuts and bolts in stainless steel .Being a list person I have a good idea of the bits I need to ensure that I get this bike running , and now I am actively looking for a back wheel and brake , front wheel and brake and the hardest thing of all to find a cylinder barrel  82 x 113 , as the chassis is virtually the same as the WD models there is a lot of repro Indian made parts available  tool boxes, guards, forks, speedos  and cables fuel tanks seats and so forth. I will post some pics below and get some commentary beside them when I get the time

 The Norton Dolls Head Gearbox, still in transition with positive stop mechanism on top and exposed clutch worm lever, a great place for oil and dirt to live .Early versions were grease lubricated, then changing over to gear oils the sleeve gear is supported by a row of rollers as well as a bush which was dispensed with in the AMC boxes, also early vervions used a caged roller to support the drive side of the layshaft changed to a ball bearing and then realizing the mistake advocated a roller again .What is basically a Sturmey Archer gearbox has become the gold standard of gearboxes .
The guts of the motor , I had quite a surprise to find the flywheels have been lightened by oxy cutting the centres out , they are steel not cast ! not sure what effect this will have on the motor 

Timing chest ..crank pinion engages exhaust cam and it engages the inlet cam so they run as a train of gears Norton said this reduced engine noise ???yet they reverted to the timing pinion engaging both cam wheels by the late 1940's ,this motor requires a clockwise drive magneto which I do not as yet have .Note early style finger followers riding on the cam lobes , cam timing became the net result of the follower shape interacting with the cam profile , this motor used flat followers note layer of hardface  stellite ??
 More bits, note the rear sprocket , also repro foot rest hangers cast in bronze I made the top gearbox bolt and nut 5/8 x 26 tpi slowly getting better at cutting threads on the lathe .
 The tank I wanted to use was badly dinted in lots of areas so I bit the bullet and cut the bottom out of the tank this made it easy to fix the dints but I will have to get a skilled welder to mig  it back together for me . These days my eyesight  would  prevent me from learning to weld to the standard I want for this job .I'll post some more pics of the tank resto as it progresses , I intend to paint it myself but it will need pinstriping and I will need to research that first .

Thursday, 10 May 2012

36 th All British Rally

This years All Britsh Rally was held on the 28th and 29th of April 2012 at the Newstead Racecourse Reserve .This event is the major works of the BSA Motorcycle Owners Association Inc, and the organisers bill it as " The largest gathering of British bikes in the Southern Hemisphere ! " a pre booked ticket to this event gets you a camp site for two nights, free fire wood, use of camp facilities ,a show bag of M/C goodies a very nice enamel badge ,entry for the raffle, prize this year a lovely restored 500 Ajay, out door movies Friday night  and live band Saturday beside a bonfire , bakery lunch on Saturday at Maldon bakery and some stuff that I have forgotten .All this for $ 50.00 !!!  too much to resist ,I was there with all the bike people wandering around chatting with other owners sitting around a fire at night [ didn't rain this year ] and generally having a great
time in the  beautiful environment of Central Victoria . Here's some pics and a bit of comment .

M20 Beeza  and owner , this guy rides his M20 from Mt Gambier to Newstead every year , the idea of the rally is to actually ride and camp , we generally cheat and trailer the bikes up and do the ride over to Maldon trailering the bikes allows us to enjoy a few creature comforts like bedding and food .But I do admire these blokes for their commitment and endurance .

 First in best dressed , our campsite comes with under cover parking for our bikes .

" Its a beautiful day..... don't let it slip away " ......I didn't

Post war Norton single, might be Mod 18   19 or Es2  my next project will be similar to this machine but will have a high level exhaust .

Historic Maldon ,over run with British Motorcycles and their owners  for the day , literally  millions of dollars worth of bikes, I saw four Vincents, one for sale at $ 50,000

Pic of Mrs Tarsnakes Andy and I in the queue outside the Maldon bakery
pic courtesy of   . tarsnakes .com