Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Revised Club Permit Scheme Victoria

Vic Roads , the governing body in Victoria AUS have done us a great favour by introducing this new club registration scheme . It came into effect on February 1 2011, I had the Commando on the Red plates on the 14 th , the day before the full rego ran out. The cost of the full rego for the Commando was $ 444.40 the Red plate rego for this year $ 66.10 . I now have the Dominator on Red plates as of the 10 th of January ,I found it interesting to note that the rego number of the commando is 1782-H and the Domi is 3284-H leaving 1502 plates in between the 14 th of Feb 2011 and the 10 th Jan 2012. Works out at 136 bikes a month , actually its 136 number plates a month , these plates may be in the rack at Vic Roads or on bikes ?. Not too sure if the bean counters have done due dilligence in this matter but things that seem too good to be true usually are not ,or at least short lived .
The scheme requires that the vehicle be in excess of the age for the category [25 years in my case ] I think for Historic plates ,you must be a financial member of a approved club , you must fill out a simple log book for each trip .You can choose to have 90 days or 45 day rego for the year .The club that I belong to has set subs at $ 30.00 PA and if the vehicle is pre 1980 a club officer does the vehicle inspection at no cost and a current roadworthy is not required .
Malcolm Fraser is wrong ! I have found the free meal of motorcycling ,I have a debt of gratitude to the the club people who lobby government for my benefit and at there cost , so I resolve to make an effort to support the local club and its events .

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