Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Norton 1938 Finished [the stuff I forgot]

Model 18 norton 1938 Finished ! a big word when we are talking motorcycle restoration ,a term I like is practical completion because once a bike is registered and running, the terrible temptation is to ride it and enjoy it . I am claiming that this one is my third restoration or rebuild, the others being a swing arm 500 Ajay then the 1970 Commando and a Model 7 500 Domi .This Norton is based on a 16H military frame and little else from a 16 H .It has occupied my mind and hands for years ,the terrible decision between the high or the low exhaust ,which would look best ? which would look original ? which would I like best ?.Would I go high system with the exhaust I had ,or should I put a low pipe and a brooklands can on it ? I would debate these issues late at night with an empty beer bottle, and after waking at 2.30 am, some times on e bay I would spy a part and think yes ! then I would go cold on the idea . Finally I jumped and ordered a engine pipe from the UK for a 500 T thinking this is my Christmas present to myself for Christmas 2014 , happy Christmas Norton . This outlines my decision making process for the myriad decisions I made along the way ,after thumbing through the pictures in Roy Bacons book, Norton Singles , Ijust loved the low slung look of the pre war Nortons, low seat, girder forks, thin tank, dolls head gearbox , two stay rigid frame, very low ground clearance ,the oil tank the mudguards the whole motorcycle, lock stock and barrel, I just have to build one of these .

Where to start? well a frame is the usual kick off point, but I started with the gearbox while searching for a frame, eventually I got one, I had most of a model 19 bottom end and started looking for the rest ,forks Indian repro bought second hand and so on . As a matter of fact I've decided to list where I got some of the bits from Frame, rocker box and spacers, finger followers, cams Tasmania e bay Crankcases and covers Sydney e bay Flywheel Spotswood Big end bearing Norvil Small end bush Bendigo swap Piston gudgeon and rings JP pistons Adelaide Valves ,collets ,springs and guides Norvil UK Valve spring collars home made Cylinder head Cylinder barrel sleeve and hone Western District Vic contacts Cylinder Barrel Bendigo Swap Push rods and covers home made SS Dural Gear box case Perth e bay Gear box covers and mech Brisbane e bay Gear box guts Who knows ? Primary cases Swap meets Clutch Swap meet and bits Front 21 alloy rim Bendigo swap Rear 19 alloy rim Off my Commando Frony hub e bay Rear hub Spotswood Vic Magneto clockwise camplate Sydney Carbi from bits Exhaust header Feked UK Muffler Bendigo swap Seat Ballarat Swap Front guard Ballarat Swap Adam Higgins Rear guard Swap meeting ? Mudguard stays home made Axles spacers bolts nuts and washers home made Speedo cable and drive , India e bay Stainless spokes Feked and trulind Friction washers fork, rear stand spring and lots of special bits BMH Trading Brisbane rear stand Bendigo Swap Tail light Ballarat Swap Battery box Home made Battery case E bay UK Headlight 8 inch Swap with mate AF This list give a picture of where the bits can come from

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