Thursday, 10 May 2012

36 th All British Rally

This years All Britsh Rally was held on the 28th and 29th of April 2012 at the Newstead Racecourse Reserve .This event is the major works of the BSA Motorcycle Owners Association Inc, and the organisers bill it as " The largest gathering of British bikes in the Southern Hemisphere ! " a pre booked ticket to this event gets you a camp site for two nights, free fire wood, use of camp facilities ,a show bag of M/C goodies a very nice enamel badge ,entry for the raffle, prize this year a lovely restored 500 Ajay, out door movies Friday night  and live band Saturday beside a bonfire , bakery lunch on Saturday at Maldon bakery and some stuff that I have forgotten .All this for $ 50.00 !!!  too much to resist ,I was there with all the bike people wandering around chatting with other owners sitting around a fire at night [ didn't rain this year ] and generally having a great
time in the  beautiful environment of Central Victoria . Here's some pics and a bit of comment .

M20 Beeza  and owner , this guy rides his M20 from Mt Gambier to Newstead every year , the idea of the rally is to actually ride and camp , we generally cheat and trailer the bikes up and do the ride over to Maldon trailering the bikes allows us to enjoy a few creature comforts like bedding and food .But I do admire these blokes for their commitment and endurance .

 First in best dressed , our campsite comes with under cover parking for our bikes .

" Its a beautiful day..... don't let it slip away " ......I didn't

Post war Norton single, might be Mod 18   19 or Es2  my next project will be similar to this machine but will have a high level exhaust .

Historic Maldon ,over run with British Motorcycles and their owners  for the day , literally  millions of dollars worth of bikes, I saw four Vincents, one for sale at $ 50,000

Pic of Mrs Tarsnakes Andy and I in the queue outside the Maldon bakery
pic courtesy of   . tarsnakes .com 


  1. Some really nice machinery Steve - wish I'd been there. Incidentally, my mate who races a Commando has bought a new cylinder head for next season ex-UK. Cost? A nice round 2000 pounds.... eek!!!

    Oh that we had such tolerant significant others!

    1. Thanks for the post Geoff ,these shows seem to draw out some really interesting stuff perhaps the rareist machine I saw was a Silk two stroke twin I think it was water cooled and they made these things in the early 1970's .I must keep an eye on tour blog for some pics of that Norton .
      Cheers Steve K

  2. I really admire fellas who can ride an old motorcycle such a long way. That campsite actually looks like a pretty nice spot.

    It certainly was a "Vincent fest" up at Maldon as well when we were there for Saturday arvo!

    1. Thanks for posting Jules , we were probably pretty lucky to get the nice day this year , the other two times I have been we have gotten wet at some stage . I'll be going back next year for sure . Hope we can get a one nighter ride in before the HAMRAV races in October
      Cheers Steve

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